Jan 04

Moving Things Around

The Officers and I had a quick meeting last night… here’s our plan moving forward…

We’re not getting in additional players that stay longer than a few days, we’re not able to raid in-guild, often times there’s not more than 4 online… Chariots has been nice enough to convince a few of our guildies to try things over on Zul’Jin, where they’ve been ginvited into his guild there.  The “ShadowGear Army” is already lvl capped and have been doing end game raiding. PST Demicaelo for invites (that’s Mike/Chariots)

We invite you to either transfer your character over to Zul’Jin or create a new one (that’s what a few of us have done) and we’ll remain our Pandaren Community, but inside a larger guild… which gives us several benefits that we don’t have right now.

I’ll keep our Ventrilo Server for us to maintain our small community, and I also plan on having a Diablo3 night once a week for those of us who want to play D3.  I’ll also keep this site up as long as people want to hang out here… I know it’s not as used as the last one was… but that might also have to do with the ease of facebook.

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