Dec 02

4.3 IS LIVE and we’re still not equipped!

The latest Patch of WoW came out this week, we were able to knock out the first 2 parts of the dungeons, Moovinonup and Lazanerus picked up some fancy needed gear but we’re still not ready to take down Deathwing!  This Friday (which is tonight) we’ll be dungeon crawling to get us all ready to start at least enter the RAID FINDER version of the newest Raid Content.  It’s a little funny if you think about it… we can’t complete any of the Cata Raids, but we’re making a strong effort to pop right into the toughest content!  Perhaps the LFR will be a good friend of TPE!


  1. chidori

    This is pretty awesome! I installed a Twitter plugin so when new posts are made to this site… like this very one… it automatically tweets it, so… if you follow us on twitter, you’ll see that a new post was made!

  2. Roshak

    Perhaps if more were online and in game (hint hint) we could have ran of the new content on tuesday the 6th.

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