Sep 06

Mists of Pandaria is only a few weeks away!!!

Get your Heirloom Gear Ready, get some spare bags on hand, and free up some time… We’re only a couple of weeks away from the release of Mists of Pandaria!  I’m a little unhappy with the lack of Transitional content going on right now… we watched a video, poof there’s Pandas in Org!  Other than that I’m super excited!  As some of you have been told… I’m on vacation the week of release, which means most of you will be 90 when I add my key to my account… This also means that there’s going to be a little more tolerance to me leveling up once I do get in game… so I will be rolling a Pandaren Monk, and relinquishing the command of the guild to this person.  Since This WILL BE my primary character, it only makes sense.  I’ll be going tank, so no fear there, and I should have my final piece of gear ready to go in the next day or so, would’ve last night except Moovinonup has been glitchy over the past week, I’ve had 3 seperate trouble tickets put in place to fix him, including last night.

Get Ready!  We’re going to have a great time!

Sep 05

Can’t Understand me? Prolly cause I’m Mumbling!

In an effort to not have Mike cry, we’ve switched from Vent to Mumble.  We had to put a bunch of effort into making our forwards of forwards of forwards work right so YOU can be able to talk to each other!  Enjoy it!

So what’s mumble you ask???

Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.

Where can you get Mumble???

May 14

Eve of Diablo III

At Midnight tonight DiabloIII will be unleashed to the world… many of us have already downloaded our copies given to us due to the WoW annual subscription.  I unfortunately have not downloaded it, I purchased the Collectors Edition, and being the fearful individual that I am, am avoiding clicking on the one that’s already tied to my account, instead, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the box in the mail… troubling thing is… it’s 9:40am on Monday right now, the game should be live at midnight… and I still don’t have anything saying it’s been shipped… even if it’s overnight.  I guess I’ll be the sorry sap who will be starting it up a day later than everyone else, or at least I’ll be installing it tomorrow… provided the thing ships to me today!

Mar 15

Diablo3 Release Date!

MAY 15th!

Jan 18

Ventrilo Update

With the switching of servers and all that stuff, I’ve looked at the Vent situation.  Previous Panda James wanted to pay for it himself for use with Star Trek Online, the Free-To-Play (Item Mall) game.  With renewal only a couple of weeks away, I agreed to it.

He doesn’t care if we still hang out there, but there’s alternative places for us to hang out too… Mike has given me the login info for his personal vent server, which I think is larger than the 15 user one I had for us.  In addition, if we’re raiding with that new guild we’re playing with, ShadowGear Arm, we would be on their vent server.

So… to paraphrase… we’ve got access to 3 vents, we don’t pay for any…

Jan 06

First Friday of the Month/Year!

Tonight marks the first Friday of the month/year for our guild.  I hope to be on a bit earlier tonight, I’m going to change the guild’s message of the day to read something like “We’re Over On Zul’Jin hanging with the guild ShadowGear Army” and perhaps about PSTing Demicaelo for an invite…

We’ll see what happens tonight, perhaps we’ll be able to do some dungeon running as a group through those lower levels…

Jan 04

Moving Things Around

The Officers and I had a quick meeting last night… here’s our plan moving forward…

We’re not getting in additional players that stay longer than a few days, we’re not able to raid in-guild, often times there’s not more than 4 online… Chariots has been nice enough to convince a few of our guildies to try things over on Zul’Jin, where they’ve been ginvited into his guild there.  The “ShadowGear Army” is already lvl capped and have been doing end game raiding. PST Demicaelo for invites (that’s Mike/Chariots)

We invite you to either transfer your character over to Zul’Jin or create a new one (that’s what a few of us have done) and we’ll remain our Pandaren Community, but inside a larger guild… which gives us several benefits that we don’t have right now.

I’ll keep our Ventrilo Server for us to maintain our small community, and I also plan on having a Diablo3 night once a week for those of us who want to play D3.  I’ll also keep this site up as long as people want to hang out here… I know it’s not as used as the last one was… but that might also have to do with the ease of facebook.

Dec 21

Status of my Laptop

I shut off my computer Monday night before going to bed, usually I just put it in sleep-mode. I’ve always had a good laptop cooler under it, but I’ve pushed it back so that the fans drive towards the rear of the laptop, I also put a second cooler behind the laptop to hopefully help exhaust the additional heat coming out the back of the laptop… hoping to not get that problem again…

Last night, after a couple of hours of changing a setting… testing WoW.. changing another setting… testing wow… looks like the thing that seems to work is that I downloaded an overclocking program and am forcing the card to run lower than … I’m guessing that there’s something that happened in the last month or so that caused the card to run hotter than normal.

The following is NOT my computer!

Dec 13

Christmas Time with The Pandaren Empire!

Merry Christmas all you Pandas!  Tis the season to be gearing up so we can take down Deathwing!  We’re nearing the time where we can queue us for the raid, hopefully in the next week or so we’ll be killing Raid Bosses again!

I do want to point out that we will not be scheduling any events for December 23rd, I myself will be unable to attend and I’m sure many others also have Family obligations for that weekend, that is all for now!

Dec 02

4.3 IS LIVE and we’re still not equipped!

The latest Patch of WoW came out this week, we were able to knock out the first 2 parts of the dungeons, Moovinonup and Lazanerus picked up some fancy needed gear but we’re still not ready to take down Deathwing!  This Friday (which is tonight) we’ll be dungeon crawling to get us all ready to start at least enter the RAID FINDER version of the newest Raid Content.  It’s a little funny if you think about it… we can’t complete any of the Cata Raids, but we’re making a strong effort to pop right into the toughest content!  Perhaps the LFR will be a good friend of TPE!

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